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DBI (2024-07-01)


DBI (2024-06-28)


Continuous integration

  • Avoid checking bashisms on Windows.

  • Better commit message.

  • Harmonize workflows.

  • Bump versions, better default, consume custom matrix.

  • Recent updates.

DBI (2024-06-27)

Bug fixes

  • dbQuoteLiteral() uses the format "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S%z" which is understood by more databases (#486).


  • Bump DBItest version for internal tests (#487).

DBI (2024-06-02)

  • Merge branch ‘cran-1.2.3’.

DBI (2024-06-02)

  • Merge branch ‘cran-1.2.3’.

DBI 1.2.3 (2024-06-02)

Bug fixes


DBI 1.2.2 (2024-02-09)

Bug fixes

  • Id() does not assign empty names to the components if all arguments are unnamed (#464).
  • Add spec to version control to avoid weird pandoc errors on CRAN (#465).

DBI 1.2.1 (2024-01-12)

Bug fixes



  • Add badge to DBIResultArrow class (#452).

  • Change maintainer e-mail.


DBI 1.2.0 (2023-12-20)

Breaking changes



  • Update pkgdown template (@maelle, #428, #438, #437).

  • Clarify repeated parameter binding (#430).

  • Deal with sundown of (#423).

  • Correct vignette titles (#419).

  • Harmonize table documentation (#400).

  • Tweak typo, add families for data retrieval and command execution.


  • Enable BLOB tests for arrow >= 10.0.0 (#395).

  • Run DBItest for SQLite as part of the checks here (#431).

  • Fix checks without suggested packages (#420).

  • Fix Windows tests on GHA (#406).

  • testthat::use_testthat(3) (#416).

DBI 1.1.3 (2022-06-18)



DBI 1.1.2 (2021-12-19)



  • The pkgdown documentation for DBI generics (e.g. ?dbConnect) contains clickable links to all known backends (except ROracle), and an explanatory sentence (#360).
  • ?Id gains better examples (#295, #370).
  • Elaborate on status of dbWriteTable() in the documentation (#352, #372).
  • Make method definition more similar to S3. All setMethod() calls refer to top-level functions (#368).
  • ?dbReadTable and other pages gain pointers to Id() and SQL() (#359).

DBI 1.1.1 (2021-01-04)


  • Expand “Get started” vignette to two tutorials, basic and advanced (#332, @jawond).

Bug fixes


  • Switch to GitHub Actions (#326).
  • Update URL in DESCRIPTION.

DBI 1.1.0 (2019-12-15)

New features



DBI 1.0.0 (2018-05-02)

New generics


  • sqlAppendTable() now accepts lists for the values argument, to support lists of SQL objects in R 3.1.
  • Add default implementation for dbListFields(DBIConnection, Id), this relies on dbQuoteIdentifier(DBIConnection, Id) (#75).

Documentation updates

Bug fixes

DBI 0.8 (2018-02-24)

Breaking changes

  • SQL() now strips the names from the output if the names argument is unset.
  • The dbReadTable(), dbWriteTable(), dbExistsTable(), dbRemoveTable(), and dbListFields() generics now specialize over the first two arguments to support implementations with the Id S4 class as type for the second argument. Some packages may need to update their documentation to satisfy R CMD check again.

New generics

Default implementations

API changes

  • The SQL() function gains an optional names argument which can be used to assign names to SQL strings.

Deprecated generics

Bug fixes



DBI 0.7 (2017-06-17)

  • Import updated specs from DBItest.
  • The default implementation of dbGetQuery() now accepts an n argument and forwards it to dbFetch(). No warning about pending rows is issued anymore (#76).
  • Require R >= 3.0.0 (for slots argument of setClass()) (#169, @mvkorpel).

DBI 0.6-1 (2017-04-01)

DBI 0.6 (2017-03-08)

  • Interface changes
    • Deprecated dbDriver() and dbUnloadDriver() by documentation (#21).
    • Renamed arguments to sqlInterpolate() and sqlParseVariables() to be more consistent with the rest of the interface, and added .dots argument to sqlParseVariables. DBI drivers are now expected to implement sqlParseVariables(conn, sql, ..., .dots) and sqlInterpolate(conn, sql, ...) (#147).
  • Interface enhancements
    • Removed valueClass = "logical" for those generics where the return value is meaningless, to allow backends to return invisibly (#135).
    • Avoiding using braces in the definitions of generics if possible, so that standard generics can be detected (#146).
    • Added default implementation for dbReadTable().
    • All standard generics are required to have an ellipsis (with test), for future extensibility.
    • Improved default implementation of dbQuoteString() and dbQuoteIdentifier() (#77).
    • Removed tryCatch() call in dbGetQuery() (#113).
  • Documentation improvements
    • Finalized first draft of DBI specification, now in a vignette.
    • Most methods now draw documentation from DBItest, only those where the behavior is not finally decided don’t do this yet yet.
    • Removed max.connections requirement from documentation (#56).
    • Improved dbBind() documentation and example (#136).
    • Change URL to, the particular document still doesn’t exist below the new domain.
  • Internal
    • Use roxygen2 inheritance to copy DBI specification to this package.
    • Use tic package for building documentation.
    • Use markdown in documentation.

DBI 0.5-1 (2016-09-09)

  • Documentation and example updates.

DBI 0.5 (2016-08-11, CRAN release)

DBI 0.4-1 (2016-05-07, CRAN release)

  • The default show() implementations silently ignore all errors. Some DBI drivers (e.g., RPostgreSQL) might fail to implement dbIsValid() or the other methods used.

DBI 0.4 (2016-04-30)

  • New package maintainer: Kirill Müller.

  • dbGetInfo() gains a default method that extracts the information from dbGetStatement(), dbGetRowsAffected(), dbHasCompleted(), and dbGetRowCount(). This means that most drivers should no longer need to implement dbGetInfo() (which may be deprecated anyway at some point) (#55).

  • dbDataType() and dbQuoteString() are now properly exported.

  • The default implementation for dbDataType() (powered by dbiDataType()) now also supports difftime and AsIs objects and lists of raw (#70).

  • Default dbGetQuery() method now always calls dbFetch(), in a tryCatch() block.

  • New generic dbBind() for binding values to a parameterised query.

  • DBI gains a number of SQL generation functions. These make it easier to write backends by implementing common operations that are slightly tricky to do absolutely correctly.

  • dbiCheckCompliance() has been removed, the functionality is now available in the DBItest package (#80).

  • Added default show() methods for driver, connection and results.

  • New concrete ANSIConnection class and ANSI() function to generate a dummy ANSI compliant connection useful for testing.

  • Default dbQuoteString() and dbQuoteIdentifer() methods now use encodeString() so that special characters like \n are correctly escaped. dbQuoteString() converts NA to (unquoted) NULL.

  • The initial DBI proposal and DBI version 1 specification are now included as a vignette. These are there mostly for historical interest.

  • The new DBItest package is described in the vignette.

  • Deprecated print.list.pairs().

  • Removed unused dbi_dep().

Version 0.3.1

Version 0.3.0

New and enhanced generics

New default methods

Deprecated features

Other improvements

  • dbiCheckCompliance() makes it easier for implementors to check that their package is in compliance with the DBI specification.

  • All examples now use the RSQLite package so that you can easily try out the code samples (#4).

  • dbDriver() gains a more effective search mechanism that doesn’t rely on packages being loaded (#1).

  • DBI has been converted to use roxygen2 for documentation, and now most functions have their own documentation files. I would love your feedback on how we could make the documentation better!

Version 0.2-7

  • Trivial changes (updated package fields, daj)

Version 0.2-6

  • Removed deprecated in some Rd files (thanks to Prof. Ripley)

Version 0.2-5

  • Code cleanups contributed by Matthias Burger: avoid partial argument name matching and use TRUE/FALSE, not T/F.

  • Change behavior of make.db.names.default to quote SQL keywords if allow.keywords is FALSE. Previously, SQL keywords would be name mangled with underscores and a digit. Now they are quoted using ‘“’.

Version 0.2-4

  • Changed license from GPL to LPGL

  • Fixed a trivial typo in documentation

Version 0.1-10

  • Fixed documentation typos.

Version 0.1-9

  • Trivial changes.

Version 0.1-8

  • A trivial change due to package.description() being deprecated in 1.9.0.

Version 0.1-7

  • Had to do a substantial re-formatting of the documentation due to incompatibilities introduced in 1.8.0 S4 method documentation. The contents were not changed (modulo fixing a few typos). Thanks to Kurt Hornik and John Chambers for their help.

Version 0.1-6

  • Trivial documentation changes (for R CMD check’s sake)

Version 0.1-5

  • Removed duplicated setGeneric(“dbSetDataMappings”)

Version 0.1-4

  • Removed the “valueClass” from some generic functions, namely, dbListConnections, dbListResults, dbGetException, dbGetQuery, and dbGetInfo. The reason is that methods for these generics could potentially return different classes of objects (e.g., the call dbGetInfo(res) could return a list of name-value pairs, while dbGetInfo(res, “statement”) could be a character vector).

  • Added 00Index to inst/doc

  • Added dbGetDBIVersion() (simple wrapper to package.description).

Version 0.1-3

  • ??? Minor changes?

Version 0.1-2

  • An implementation based on version 4 classes and methods.
  • Incorporated (mostly Tim Keitt’s) comments.