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Like dbConnect(), but only checks validity without actually returning a connection object. The default implementation opens a connection and disconnects on success, but individual backends might implement a lighter-weight check.

Methods in other packages

This documentation page describes the generics. Refer to the documentation pages linked below for the documentation for the methods that are implemented in various backend packages.


dbCanConnect(drv, ...)



an object that inherits from DBIDriver, or an existing DBIConnection object (in order to clone an existing connection).


authentication arguments needed by the DBMS instance; these typically include user, password, host, port, dbname, etc. For details see the appropriate DBIDriver.


A scalar logical. If FALSE, the "reason" attribute indicates a reason for failure.

See also


# SQLite only needs a path to the database. (Here, ":memory:" is a special
# path that creates an in-memory database.) Other database drivers
# will require more details (like user, password, host, port, etc.)
dbCanConnect(RSQLite::SQLite(), ":memory:")
#> [1] TRUE