Objects of class Id have a single slot name, which is a named character vector. The dbQuoteIdentifier() method converts Id objects to strings. Support for Id objects depends on the database backend. They can be used in the following methods as name argument:




Components of the hierarchy, e.g. schema, table, or cluster, catalog, schema, table. For more on these concepts, see https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7022755/


Id(schema = "dbo", table = "Customer")
#> <Id> schema = dbo, table = Customer
dbQuoteIdentifier(ANSI(), Id(schema = "nycflights13", table = "flights"))
#> <SQL> "nycflights13"."flights"
Id(cluster = "mycluster", catalog = "mycatalog", schema = "myschema", table = "mytable")
#> <Id> cluster = mycluster, catalog = mycatalog, schema = myschema, table = mytable